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Exploding Head Syndrome

by the telescopes

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Welcome to the 11th studio album from The Telescopes, their third for Tapete. Consisting of eight new songs and incantations that form a series of sonic convulsions stretching the parameters of intuitive composition to the point of auditory illusion.

Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS) is the name given by John. M. S. Pearce in 1989 to a phenomena described by Robert Armstrong-Jones in 1920 as ‘snapping of the brain’. It is a condition in which a person experiences unreal noises.

*Until The End was co written with Chris Plavidal (Stumptone) and is dedicated to the late Nevada Hill (Bludded Head).

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Tapete Records TR409

“Rousing sedated melodies under a blanket of distortion.” 4/5.
(JB- Mojo)

“Velvet warms all over here”.
(Sharon O’Connell- Uncut)

"If this LP were a debut album by some young new psychsters they would be being raved about and hailed to the rafters as the second coming, the next new big thing.”
(Brian Shea- Monolith Coctail)

"If 2019 is meant to be the year of the concept album then Stephen Lawrie has suitably nailed it here."
(Dom Gourlay- Under The Radar)

“A dark, warm and fuzzy sound that’s part “All Tomorrow’s Parties” Velvet Underground and part “Ghost Rider” Suicide".
(Bill Pearis- Brooklyn Vegan)

“Music of incredible calm and beauty”.
(Adrian Elmer- Cyclic Defrost)

“If Lawrie wants to come out of his cave every few years and release music this good then I’m all ears.”
(Dagger Zine)

“Overall, this album is a 10/10 and we highly recommend you add it to your vinyl collection and though only February we assure you that this album will feature highly on our end of year list!!”
(Paula Michelle Hamilton- Levitation)

“what most distinguishes this record is…beauty. While up to this point a province at least implicitly visited by the enigmatic Lawrie, here on Exploding Head Syndrome, inside the usual buzz and disturbance of electronic manipulation and gently riffling curtains of noise, that too-often lazily attributed b-word, though indeed subjected over these eight tracks to stress tests of varying intensity, seeps through and rises to the surface in quiet triumph everywhere one listens.”
(Dave Cantrell- Stereo Embers)

“This is a sad record, at times touching, and at times worryingly familiar. Lose yourself in it.”
(Adam Hammond- Isolation)

“exploding head syndrome might well prove to be Mr Lawrie’s most minimally absorbing collection to date”.
(Mark- The Sunday Experience)

"What is perhaps most telling about this band is how passionate their fans are. Even though there aren't millions of Telescopes fans around the world, those who love the band really really really love them. And they don't just listen to one song and forget the group, they follow along with whatever Lawrie and his pals have to offer. That says a lot. Exploding Head Syndrome is yet another mind-tingling addition to a wonderfully imaginative discography."
(Baby Sue).

“Although the basic ingredients of The Telescopes’ music haven’t really changed, it is Stephen’s willingness to experiment with texture and tone yet stick with the basic craft of writing a good song that makes the lonely furrow he is ploughing one that is well worth following.”
(Mr Olivetti- Freq)

"This shit is sleepy heroin couch blues. And, true to form, these are some pretty unreal noises best listened to upon waking or when you’re about to go to sleep."
(Brightly Off-Coloured Discophile- Album A Day)

“A cracking album.” 7/10.
(Christopher Nosnibor- Whisperinandhollerin)

“This time Stephen Lawrie manages to delight us with uncomfortable sounds, melancholic and sometimes hallucinogenic atmospheres, which succeed in making us love this latest yet seductive work of art.” 7.5/10
(Ben Moro- Indie For Bunnies)

“Highly recommended for anyone who likes to see it black”
(Patrick Van Hauwaert - Luminuous Dash)

"Melancholic and hallucinatory, melodic and destabilizing, this Telescopes work is like a strange magnetic field that questions what we believe we know about the concept of psychedelic rock . There is minimalism and the "rock song form" on the one hand, asphyxiating feedbacks, loops, drones and (apparent) dissonances on the other. But the truth is that Exploding Head Syndrome expresses a softness out of the ordinary, like that pleasant feeling of exhaustion that is experienced after reaching an important goal." 8/10. (Alessandro Zoppo-

“languid and druggy, but isn't the best music that too?”
(Glen Kenixfan- A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed)


released February 1, 2019

2019 Tapete Records


all rights reserved



the telescopes UK

beyond the realm of natural vision.

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Track Name: All The Way Around (Tout Est Dans Le Moment)
ll The Way Around
(Tout Est Dans Le Moment)

All the way around, around you
All the way around, around you now

And it’s all in the moment
It is all of the moment
Everything is in the moment
It is all of the moment

All the way around, around you
All the way around, around you now

By your hand

Everything is in the moment

All the way around, around you
All the way around, around you now

It is all in the moment
It is all of the moment
Track Name: Everything Turns Into You
Everything Turns Into You

Every day I get the blues
Close my eyes and think of you

Every day I get confused
Close my eyes and I think of you

You’re not gone

Everything turns into you

You’re not gone

Close my eyes
When I think of you
Track Name: You Were Never Here
You Were Never Here

Where to begin…
When the sky falls in
Where to begin…
When you’re not coloured in.

You were never here.
Track Name: Until The End
Until The End

And I think I can fly
And I’m so alive
And the tide’s coming in
And the tide’s coming in
I don’t think I can swim
It’s not hell that I’m in,
It’s not hell that I’m in,
All of this it will end
All of this it will end

Until the end
Track Name: Don't Place Your Happiness In The Hands Of Another
Don’t Place Your Happiness
In The Hands Of Another

Put your happiness
In the hands
Of another

They will let you down

Hold a happiness
That belongs
To another

You will Let them down

I will let you down
Track Name: I Know You've Got Something Inside (Driving You Crazy)
I know you’ve got something inside
Driving you crazy
I know you’ve got a subtle insight
Driving you crazy

I know you’ve got a pain in your heart
I know it’s not nothing
I know it’s gonna tear me apart
I know it’s not nothing
And I laugh at the pain
Do it again
Do it again ahhh do it again
When I’m down on the floor
Give some more, more
Give me some more

I know you’ve got something inside
Driving you crazy...

And I thirst And I crave
And it’s dancing, Dancing
On my grave
Although I know that It could deplete me
I hope that It will complete me
Track Name: Nothing Was Held
Nothing Was Held

Take me
by the hand
For a spell
Lead me
I know it well

I know you well
I know you well
for I know nothing
I know it well

Nothing was held
Nothing was held
for it held nothing
Nothing was held

I know your name
We’re not the same
I’ll tell you something
it leaves a stain

I know you well
I know you well
if I know nothing
I know it well
Track Name: Why Are We Doing This To Each Other?
Why Are We Doing This
To Each Other?

Tides, roll in
and tides, roll out
but storms, may wash us
to different, shores

If we don't hold on. 

I’ll feel lost
on my, new shore 

I’ll keep seeing things, in everything
something, missing, something gone

And I’ll try, to be happy
for you

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